The Symfony Content Management Framework project was started by a large group of Symfony developers looking to get an early start on collaborating together for the next generation of PHP Content Management Systems built on top of Symfony. Several companies and developers have dedicated themselves to the project. Some of the companies and developers that are most avtive can be found below. Please feel invited to join the effort with or without the backing of a company behind you:


Company Location Team
United Kingdom Dan
Germany Nacho
Netherland Wouter
Coddict Canada Frederic
Ideato Italy Jacopo, Michele
JetBrains Global
Liip AG Switzerland Lukas, David, Chregu
Netvlies Netherland Sjoerd, Kristian
PrestaConcept France Nicolas
Sensio Labs France Fabien
Platform.sh France / United States Andrew, Robert
Valiton GmbH Germany Johannes, Sven, Uwe
Vermont Design Works United States Ben
Mayflower Germany ElectricMaxxx