1.1 stable release

Date: 2014-05-14

We are pleased to announce the 1.1 stable release of the CMF. This follows a series of RCs released over the past weeks that helped us iron out details. It also gave us time to work on the documentation and so from now on you can find the documentation for the 1.1 release on symfony.com.

You can find details about the changes and improvements in the announcement news for the first RC. In short we have done a lot of work in simplifying the use of the CMF especially in terms of configuration and debugging. We have also improved performance in a few places and added various useful features. We also have a new Bundle for SEO optimizations.

Looking ahead the main areas to work on are further speed up performance (especially with the menu system) and improvements to the media managament. We also plan to finish the RoutingAutoBundle to make it easier to generate routes automatically for content. We also did initial work on integrating the CMF with the prismic.io content repository as a service provider which we hope to mature over the coming months to a viable alternative to our other storage options.

While the bulk of the work is done by a few regular contributors, we would like to thank everyone who has submitted improvements small or large. The fact that so many developers work on the CMF on some level validates the goals of the CMF, bringing together the entire Symfony eco-system to collaborate on CMS functionality. This is probably best highlighted by the fact of how many projects reference the CMF routing component and accompanying RoutingBundle. Again thank you all for your investment into a stronger community.

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