1.2 stable released

Date: 2014-10-25

Today we have finally tagged the last packages and with this the CMF has reached 1.2! Unfortunately we ended up setting HHVM as an allowed failure in our test setup due to an configuration issue on Travis CI with HHVM 3.3, however things were working fine with 3.2 and we expect once the configuration issue is resolved, things will work fine with 3.3 as well. All packages however are now also tested against PHP 5.6, as well as Symfony 2.5 and the upcoming 2.6.

In terms of features, as mentioned in a previous news item PHPCR ODM has seen significant improvements related to the events system, the native translation support and performance related to collections. Another big step forward is that we are now also compatible with the recently released SonataAdminBundle 2.3, which provides significant improvements especially on the UI side. Furthermore, DoctrinePHPCRBundle now optionally supports the PHPCR shell. Other than that most Bundles have seen incremental improvements related to developer experience, performance or minor feature additions.

Likely the biggest step forward for the CMF however is the first stable release of the RoutingAutoBundle and its underlying library. With it users can automate the creation of routes. For example when a new content document is created, a route document is automatically created. Or when a route is moved, a redirect from the previous location is created as well. This makes it a lot easier to leverage the ability of the CMF to keep the content and route structure separate, as it allows a best of both worlds approach where most route related work is automated, but it still is possible to easily manually manage the route structure independent of the content structure.

As always we are also thrilled to see a steady increased in contributors providing feedback, fixes and improvements small or large. In order to allow users to quickly get a taste of what is possible, we have of course also updated our demo to use the latest version of the sandbox. The documentation has also been updated to cover the new features.

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