CMF News March 2015

Date: 2015-03-20

Main efforts last months focus on TreeBrowserBundle 2.0 and the related Sonata refactoring, and the ResourceBundle.

Jackalope should see release 1.2 very soon, currently we are aware of only one issue that needs to be fixed first.

If you use Twitter, you might want to follow - we will tweet important news about the Symfony CMF on that account.


May Hackday

Come to Dornbirn, Austria for a joint Symfony CMF / Sulu hackday on 1/2 of May! More details will be announced soon. Follow on twitter or subscribe to the!forum/symfony-cmf-users google group to not miss the announcement.

Conference Presence

Manuel Baldassarri does a CMF tutorial in Italian language at PHPDay Italy in Italy, on 14th of May.

David Buchmann gives a CMF tutorial at the Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam, end of June.

David will also be present at Symfony Live Paris on the 9. of April. There is no talk about the CMF scheduled but of course David is always happy to discuss the CMF if you approach him.

Development updates

Decoupling Sonata Admin

We are discussing about moving the Sonata PHPCR-ODM admin classes into its own bundle.

This will decouple the the CMF Bundles from the Sonata Admin and clear the way for integrating other admin systems such as ng-admin, EasyAdmin etc.

Routing Auto

The RoutingAuto component now supports DI container parameters to be used as tokens and a PR will soon be merged allowing users to register their own adapters.

Also the URI generator now does some basic validation on generated routes.


PHPCR-ODM now supports a new "depth" mapping which allows you to map the depth of the underlying PHPCR node to a property in the document.

It is also now possible to specify a custom locale chooser and configure the namespace alias used for translations.

Support was also added to the bundle for configuring Memcache.


Another Beta version of PHPCR-Shell will shortly be released, most notably it now supports updating fields with expressions in queries, enabling you to update fields based on other fields within the node for example.

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