Symfony CMF demo website update

Date: 2012-10-22

The pace of development has picked up quite a bit since the summer. One of the big things that finally landed in the demo site is the integration with createphp. One of the big benefits of createphp is that it can help with generating RDFa output inside templates. The image upload is now actually functional and all the CMF Bundles and libraries have been updated to their respective latest versions. Finally we are now using the LuneticsLocaleBundle as the language switcher. To be able to use such a general purpose Bundle, build around the static routing component of Symfony core, with our dynamic routing component marks a major step in ensuring that the development experience with the CMF remains as simple and predictable as with just Symfony itself. In this context we are also pleased to announce that eZPublish5> will ship using our routing component. Drupal is also in the process of adopting it for their upcoming Drupal 8 release.

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