Jackalope 1.2

Date: 2015-05-02

One of the result of the May hackday was that we finally released Jackalope 1.2 including new releases of the Jackrabbit and Doctrine DBAL transports.

All users should see performance and reliability improvements. This is especially true for users of the Doctrine DBAL transport where performance should have made a significant jump forward. Note that in order to use Doctrine DBAL transport in the new version you will need to update your database schema. Aside from this we also improved the maintainability and code-reuse between the transports. Of course we also always expand the test suite when we do any work on the code base. As we did fix several edge cases, it is recommend to review the CHANGELOG.md and UPGRADE.md when encountering issues after the update.

At the hackday we also discussed about a more radical refactoring of Jackalope to create a version 2 of Jackalope that will be more modular and have a cleaner architecture, allowing better code reuse and performance. Adding new storage or search solutions should become really simple.

We started drafting the concept in the Jackalope2 wiki. If you want to get involved, please get in contact with us on the mailinglist or in the Jackalope2 issue tracker on github.

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