Symfony CMF 1.3 Released

Date: 2016-04-04

We released new stable versions of all CMF bundles, the standard edition and the sandbox. Most importantly, this release brings full support for up to Symfony 2.8 and PHP 7 support.

Released Versions

Included in this release are the following packages:

  • Version 1.0 of SlugifierApi;
  • Version 1.1 of RoutingAutoBundle and RoutingAuto;
  • Version 1.2 of SearchBundle, SeoBundle and TreeBrowserBundle;
  • Version 1.3 of BlockBundle, CoreBundle, ContentBundle, MediaBundle, SimpleCmsBundle, Testing;
  • Version 1.4 of RoutingBundle and Routing;
  • Version 2.0 of MenuBundle;

The version numbers for each bundle are tracked separately, which explains why not all of them are synchronized.

Important new Features

The most important features included in these new versions are:

  • PHP 7 support for all CMF packages;
  • The Routing and Testing components support Symfony 3;
  • The CmfMenuBundle added KnpMenu 2 support and dropped support for KnpMenu 1;
  • The CmfSeoBundle added support for generating sitemaps and an exception controller for better error pages;
  • The CmfMediaBundle added a cmf_media_file form type to upload simple files;
  • Improved admin experience for most Sonata Admin classes, including integration of the SonataTranslationBundle for multi-language documents;
  • A symfony-cmf/slugifier-api package was introduced, containing a generic sluggifier interface to be used when a sluggifier is needed;
  • Integration of CKeditor in the CmfSimpleCmsBundle and CmfContentBundle, providing the admin with better tooling to edit page contents.

You can read about all new features master version of the documentation.

The Future

Symfony CMF 1.3 will be the last release in the 1.x series. After this release, work will start on Symfony CMF 2.0. This version targets Symfony 2.8 and 3.0+. In 1.3, most deprecated features already trigger deprecation notices. However, this does not mean the upgrade to 2.0 will not contain more breaking changes. We do our best to reduce the breaking changes as much as possible.

For 2.0, we will also try to reduce the number of bundles included in the CMF so that we can focus on the important parts. A first thing we already deprecated is the BlogBundle that never saw a stable release.

A rough plan for 2.0 is in the project wiki.

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